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About Golf GPS gadgets

If you're in the market to buy a Golf GPS system, you should be able to decide what's the best Golf GPS for you, your investment, and your use. Well, the firstly you want to do is to take into account how much you want to spend. Subsequently you want to have some idea as to why you want this system in the first place. Once you get those specs figured out, you can more easily make the decision on the best Golf GPS for you.

As far as the price range and quality, the golf GPS systems could cost anywhere from $100 to $400.

The differences between the cheap to mid-range units and the four hundred dollars systems is in the quality of manufacturing, its software and graphics display.

Most of golf GPS units operate as range finders. That means they can tell you the exact distance from your ball location to the green. This is done by accessing the GPS satellites that orbit the above the earth. That’s done through a computing process called “location triangulation”. If this is the only feature that you want, then a $100 model will be just fine for you. Something like the iGolf Neo Golf GPS would be perfect. However, this isn’t the only choice in this price range. There are many other fine gadgets for that price.

But, if you prefer the graphics, then you are going to spend more money. The Callaway, uPro Golf GPS, for instance can give you multiple views of both the fairway and the green of the particular hole you're playing. As you approach the tee, it will give you an aerial view to the green. As proceed toward the green, it will show you yardages from where you are to the green. The Garmin approach and the Golf Buddy Tour do the same thing. Although the Golf Buddy Tour's graphics are not quite as spectacular.

In order to make sure that you are getting the Best Golf GPS you need to ask yourself why you're buying it in the first place. If you are a gadget nut, then something like the Callaway uPro or the Garmin Approach would be perfect. It would also be perfect if you play a lot of courses that are new to you and you want that extra information that really detailed pictures of the fairway and the green will give you.

If, however, you're more interested in products like instant calculation of your shot distance, help with angles of approach to the green, and keeping a record of shots on the same course over time, then you probably don't need all the graphics.

In conclusion the Best Golf GPS is product practicality and customer’s needs.

High Handicap golfers and Range Finders

I find these discussions quite amusing - after playing golf for nearly 30 years (of my 35 years living) I believe there is no tip or silver bullet in improving your golf game (beyond an understanding of the fundamentals)

To improve you have to practice, to train and be very disciplined. It is a process or a journey. Golf is becoming like the beauty industry - promising dreams / quick fixes.

To be a better golfer (or person or employee or husband/wife) involves a change of mindset, lots of effort and patience

Practice - the most important element but is approached incorrectly by almost everybody. You need to get into the habit of making practice more difficult than the real game. Hitting balls on the range is a lot easier (consistent lie, no pressure) than playing in the weekend tournament.

Think creatively on how you can Train to be a better golfer - think holistically - flexibility, emotional, physical, mental and TECHNICAL. Remember it is the whole YOU that plays - not just a branded club and SWING. Every element plays a role - just like every cell in our body has a function.

I have learned far more about golf away from the course / range than on it - the other day I played 18 holes on my local golf course - it was great, I was really connecting and had one of the best experiences ever in golf - although I was 2,000 miles away from my course playing on my balcony in Spain. I completely visualized every shot, every pre-shot routine - even conversations I was having with my playing partners.

Once you buy-out of the commercial gimmicks and focus on your creativity and determination you will become not only a better player, but will you will learn to love the game all over again.
By the way I have nothing to sell...